How to make your Aukey Cable last longer
I believe that many of us never actually thought about this question, which is Why Our Charging Cable would not lasts Over A Year? In some cases, 6 months. Many of us are trying to find a good quality cable and hoping it would last longer. Aukey have already manufactured a good and fantastic quality product. So today I'm going to share a few tips with all you to allow your cable lifespan to last long.
Tip #1:
Most of our cable is damage by bending and kinking, slowly day by day the cable will be wear out and the internal wiring will split and stop working. Aukey have design our cables to be coated with Nylon to reduce the stress on the cable. What we can do is that try to avoid stretching or bending the cable unnecessarily to the extend where the cable is fully bend backwards.
Tip #2:
Overheating your cable also can cause the lifespan of your charging cable to be much shorter.Why is that? Modern cables are now slowly upgrading that allow us to have less charging time required to be fully charged. So to have the wire deliver a higher amount of power, Aukey design their cables to have a special skin which is a graphene skin. graphene is able to better dissipate heat and keep the cable cool throughout extended periods of high-powered charging. As for us, we really should avoid charging and using our smartphones simultaneously. This action can not just stress and overheat your cable, it can also overheat and over-stress you smartphone batteries.
Tip #3:
Another famous mistakes that people make is that they then to stuff everything into their bags and also especially their charging cables. This will cause the cable to be compressed for a long period of time until the cable is going to be used. Aukey have made a solution for this too by coating it with the graphene skin as mentioned in Tips #2. The skin also functions to give the cable a robust protection against the compression. As well for us, if we do really cherish our good quality cables, we can keep or store the cable in a case to avoid any compression or we can keep the case in our hand carry bags instead of shoving into our luggage.
Well, we hope that these short tips is able to help all of our fellow Aukey members to cherish and enjoy their Aukey cables more longer.